It is always hard to say WELCOME to those coming to our meetings for the first time; because we are sorry for the reason you became eligible for membership in “The Compassionate Friends”. We understand how difficult it is to attend your first meeting. It is, in a sense acknowledging your loss is real, that the most horrific thing that could possibly happened, has happened.

However we are glad that you found the courage to come and we hope you find new friends who truly understand your grief.

The Groups function is to provide support in your grief. We are not a therapy group. We are a collection of bereaved parents who offer support and understandings.

Feelings can be overwhelming, we have all experienced them and know how important it is to take that first step. Our stories may be different but we are all alike in that we all hurt deeply.

Please join us ~ you do not have to speak, sometimes just listening to others who have suffered the same loss is helpful. As you become more comfortable, you may want to share your child’s story ~ we would love to hear about them.

We cannot take your pain away, but we can offer friendship and understanding. We will be there to offer support. We hope you find comfort and hope in the company of other bereaved parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters.

Your Orange County Chapter of “The Compassionate Friends” hopes you feel welcome within the support group and hopes you will return to journey with us through your grieving process, your journey may in turn help others.


The First Thursday of each month at 7 pm
Christ Lutheran Church
820 W Imperial Hwy
Brea, CA   92821
Held in upstairs meeting room 

Third Tuesday of each month at 7pm
Neighbors & Nations Christian Church
6575 Crescent Avenue
Buena  Park 
 Held in room A1

Zoom meeting held on fourth Tuesday of each month, 7pm
For informatiom, contact mhodgestcf@gmail.com 


TCF meetings are non-denominational 

              It is very important to remember that the matters we discuss in our meetings are CONFIDENTIAL             and are not to leave our meetings.

We should be free to speak what is on our hearts, knowing it will not be repeated.

             We learn from each other the steps taken from each one of us along the long and winding road              called “grief ”, to help us along our own path.

Copyright© The Compassionate Friends - Orange County Chapter

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